Boost Electrical Performance with Power Quality Solutions

We put a lot of pressure on our electrical systems to perform. In fact, we’re adding more electronic equipment to the load each day. Still we expect complete reliability because even a flicker in power can impact productivity. Power quality solutions, like the ones below, help limit disruptions, safeguard equipment and keep you up and running. 

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

A UPS is typically connected to a computer, printer, server or other business staple. In the event of a power sag, it provides short-term power to cover the gap so you never skip a beat. It also filters and stabilizes electricity to keep your connected equipment safe from harm.

Surge protection devices

Surge Protection Devices

Voltage spikes, like those caused by a lightning strike, may only last microseconds. But it’s long enough to do significant damage to your electrical system. Surge protection devices block the rush of current to protect your capital investment.

Capacitor banks

Capacitor banks are most often found in industrial facilities where a large number of motors are used. The more motors, the greater the chance for power shifts and lags. Capacitor banks are the simplest solution to correct for this and maintain power quality. They reduce emissions and save precious energy. Capacitor banks are the ” original” green solution!

Power system studies

Are you getting the most from your electrical power source? Find out with an advanced power system study. We’ll analyze your power quality and consumption, then we’ll arm you with solutions to help lower costs and maximize power quality.    

Electric meters

The best power quality solutions include electric meters. These devices help you keep a constant eye on energy consumption and spot usage trends. As a result, you can make adjustments to save money.  

“The UPS on the East X-ray machine in the Pavilion did its job today. This morning the unit was hit by an over voltage and the unit shut down properly saving the X-ray from damage. It saved us a lot of aggravation and headache!”

– Steven Jones, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office