Lean on Electrical Engineering Consultation to Increase Safety and Control Costs

All-Test electrical engineering consultants help you plan, design, install and maintain even the most complex electrical system. Backed by over 30 years of experience across a broad customer base, you can expect expert solutions every step of the way.

Electrical planning and design consultation

  • Single-line diagrams — document the wiring in an electrical system and define connections
  • Commissioning and start-up services — ensure newly installed equipment integrates smoothly within an existing or planned system 
  • Selective coordination studies — outline a plan for the proper equipment, placement and settings required to meet the operational needs of the business and safety standards

Electrical engineering analysis and problem solving

  • Power studies — analyze power quality and consumption to provide cost-saving ideas and maximize power intake
  • Failure analyses — help determine the cause of an electrical failure to prevent future issues 
  • Short circuit studies — define the amount of energy a short circuit could produce at a given point in an electrical system and if connected equipment would properly trip 
  • Harmonic surveys — locates areas where cables are at risk of overheating

Arc flash safety consultation

  • Arc flash studies — examine your environment, label hazards and outline the personal protection equipment (PPE) that should be worn to minimize arc flash injury
  • Arc flash exposure reduction equipment — positions operators 10-30 away from high arc flash hazard areas to greatly reduce the chance of serious injury
Prevent Arc Flash Explosion

Did you know between healthcare costs, workers compensation and lost production, a single arc flash event can cost a company over $15 million.
Our electrical engineering consultants work to keep your employees and your bottomline healthy.