Electrical Calibration is a Process of Refinement

Done well, it ensures your equipment runs consistently and predictably. All-test’s electrical calibration services begin on paper, carry to installation, and continue throughout the life of your equipment.

Commissioning and Start-up Services

When new equipment is installed, acceptance testing ensures there are no damages, and that it is up to code. Add commissioning and start-up services to make sure it also integrates properly with your system. This way you can uncover and fix electrical issues before operations—and lives—depend on it.

Electric Calibration

Selective Coordination Study

Commissioning and start-up may begin with a selective coordination study. This is part of the design phase when an electrical engineer draws up a plan for the system. The resulting draft outlines the correct equipment, placement and calibration required for safe and effective operations.

New equipment and technology can impact the balance of your electrical system. Adjustments may be needed to maintain safety and performance. With that in mind, we recommend a selective coordination study every fives years or whenever major changes occur.

Protective Relay Calibration

As electrical components age they stop performing quite as well as they should. Relays are especially sensitive. That’s why we recommend routine relay testing. And if testing shows a decline, electrical calibration can return your protective relay to 100%.