The All-Test story begins with persistent curiosity, a basement full of tools and inspiring parents. After watching his dad build a burglar alarm for the family home, Neil Volk knew he wanted to pursue a career in electrical work. He earned an Electrical Engineering degree and traveled the country for Square D Technical Services. Neil provided safe electrical testing and worked at vast industries—from hospitals to a hand grenade plant. 

Neil founded All-Test in 1993. Backed by more than 1,000 project experiences, the business quickly built a reputation for innovative, safety-conscious solutions.

Electrical Testing & Electrical Engineering Services

Over 30 years and 2,250 contracts later, All-Test continues to deliver. All-Test’s mission is: to eliminate electrical hazards and power system dangers to people, production and profits through proactive electrical testing and electrical engineering services.

Master Thermographer

In Jake Volk’s eyes, his dad is a hero—saving energy, restoring power and protecting people from harm with safe electrical testing. It was Jake’s childhood dream to work alongside him. Jake joined All-Test in 2010 bringing noteworthy skills of his own. The only master thermographer in the tri-state (IN, KY, OH) region, Jake remains dedicated to his father’s core values of honesty, fairness and excellence. 

Infraspection Institute Master Thermographer