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Circuit Breaker Retrofit
Circuit Breaker Retrofit

Circuit Breaker Retrofit Services

All-Test, in Cincinnati, Ohio, provides circuit breaker retrofits for breakers with old relays. New circuit breakers provide modern features and can be added for new loads, damaged circuit breakers or to allow more current control, adding automation or improving safety for your team.

Replace a damaged circuit breaker with a new circuit breaker to decrease your available downstream fault current or introduce a new safety feature. Upgrade low-voltage circuit breakers with solid state trip units. Broaden your equipments lifespan and boost interrupting capacity. We can retrofit many manufacturers circuit breakers.

  • Circuit Breaker Retrofits
  • Replacement Circuit Breaker
  • Replacement Switch
  • Breaker Overhaul and Modification
  • Repair Broken or Worn Circuit Breaker Parts
  • Adding vacuum interrupters
  • Solid-state trip units

Obsolete circuit breakers can breakdown due to many issues. Replacing aging vacuum interrupters with retrofits solves the problem, using the same truck assembly, at a lesser cost. Find weak spots in your electrical system using our circuit breaker testing service.