Transformer Repair
Transformer Repair
Draining Transformer Oil

Power Transformer Repair in Cincinnati

All-Test performs power transformer repair services for industrial equipment. Our industrial equipment maintenance services provide analysis of your industrial transformers. We inspect for faulty and defective transformer parts. Identified damaged electrical equipment can be repaired, overhauled or replaced with the highest quality parts. Our electrical preventative maintenance plans can help you avoid costly downtime for unscheduled maintenance and keep your electrical services and team working.

All-Test can maintain your high-performance transformers and get you back up and running with fast repairs and emergency replacements.

  • Transformer Repair Services and Retrofits
  • Transformer Removal and Installation
  • Transformer Maintenance
  • Reconditioning Transformers
  • Oil Well Replacement
  • Bushing Well Replacement
  • Tap Changer Replacement
  • Installation of External Oil Sampling Valves
  • Emergency Transformer Replacement
  • Circuit Breaker Retrofit
  • Troubleshoot Transformers
  • Transformer Oil Testing
  • Transformer Oil Processing

Our transformer repair service will provide you with dependable electrical power and get you back up and running, safely and quickly