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How ALL-TEST is serving YOU:

ALL-TEST specializes in maintaining and upgrading electrical systems, troubleshooting electrical problems and performing analysis and on-site assessments of equipment condition, safety and reliability. From power pole to outlet ALL-TEST is benefiting you by:

  • Eliminating Hidden Electrical Dangers in Industrial and Commercial Facilities.
    • Preventing Electrical Fires
    • Reducing Arc Flash Exposure
  • Keeping Your Power On and Your Workers Safe through Proper Servicing and Signage.
  • Providing the same experienced engineers to lead, perform and finish projects preventing miscommunication.



When the power goes out production STOPS. All-Test is committed to growing the American economy by:

  1. Making electrical systems safer, allowing men and women to return to their families every night, and back to work every morning.
  2. Reliable, allowing for a constant, uninterrupted supply of electrical power.

 ALL-TEST provides electric distribution equipment services that improve the reliability and safety of facility equipment.

Services we provide are:
  • Arc Flash Compliance and Reduction Services.
  • UPS Service, Sales and Sizing
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Switchgear Services – Low to Medium Voltage
    • Maintenance Programs
    • Repair and Troubleshooting
    • Equipment Testing
      • Megger, Digital Low-Resistance Ohmeter/Ductor, TTR, Doble, Secondary and Primary Injection, Oil Sampling, Hi-pot/High Potential, Tan Delta
    • Calibration
    • Thermography
    • Circuit Breaker Ground Fault Testing
    • Substation Start-up and Commissioning
    • Selective Coordination
    • Arc Flash Studies
  • Emergency Services – ALL-TEST will dispatch a crew immediatly if your facility losses power
  • Equipment Sales
    • Circuit Breaker
    • Transformer
    • Switchgear – Switchboards, Breaker Panels
    • UPS
    • Metering
    • Disconnect Safety Switches

ALL-TEST has the experience and resources to appropriately selective the right equipment and or services that will keep your operations running. ALL-TEST wants to be your trusted source for knowledge in the electric power world. Contact Us today to see what ALL-TEST can do for you.

Is your operation doing everything it should to prevent downtime?

EXPERIENCE: With over 35 years in industrial and commercial switchgear performing infrared imaging, circuit breakers and transformer maintenance, repair, upgrade and troubleshooting, we KNOW the equipment being serviced, because we’ve rebuilt, modified and repaired it since 1993.

CLIENT SATISFACTION: Clients find us easy to work with and reasonably priced.  We stand by our clients and respond quickly. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

WORK ETHIC: We take responsibility and ownership of the work entrusted to us. We don’t expect trust to be handed out freely; we intend to EARN IT through honesty, fair business practices by seeing a project through no matter what.

PROMOTION OF THE MONTH: Every month All-Test runs a promotional program. Check out this months Promotional Deals.

All work by ALL-TEST is fully insured.

We Serve The Following Areas:

Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Greater Cincinnati Area including:
Indian Springs, OH
Hamilton, OH
Fairfield, OH
Mason, OH
Liberty Township, OH
West Chester, OH
Middletown, OH
Monroe, OH
Trenton, OH
Oxford, OH
Wyoming, OH
Glendale, OH
Tri County, OH
Springdale,  OH
Forest Park,  OH
Sharonville, OH
Evendale, OH
Lebanon, OH
Maineville, OH
Kings Mills, OH
Montgomery, OH
Blue Ash, OH
Madeira, OH
Deer Park, OH
Greater Columbus, OH Area including:

Greater Dayton, OH Area including:

Great Toledo, OH Area

Greater Cleveland, OH Area

Greater Florence, KY Area
Greater Indianapolis, IN Area
Nashville, TN
Charleston, SC
Pittsburgh, PA