Put your System to the Electrical Test

Electrical testing is at the heart of a solid preventive maintenance strategy. It’s the best way to find out if your equipment is performing as it should — safely and efficiently. We recommend the following electrical tests be performed annually:

Infrared inspection

Electrical hot spots are areas of high temperature that indicate equipment is failing. Using a thermal camera we can spot these trouble areas before they cause more serious damage.

Ground fault testing

Your electrical system is designed to protect itself — and you — if a lightning strike or a ground fault occurs. Electrical testing ensures your first line of defense is always operational.

Megger testing

All wire is insulated to keep electrical current flowing right where you want and no where else. In a word, good insulation resists the current. With megger testing, we apply a little extra voltage and watch for low resistance that could mean current is leaking.

Transformer testing

When a transformer goes down all the operations in a facility do too. That’s why we check for shorted windings, overheating oil, and overall operation upon installation of a new transformer and ongoing.

Circuit breaker testing

Circuit breakers play an important role in safety. Are your breakers up to the task? Electrical testing examines insulation, contact resistance, and operation to make sure they are in the best shape to protect you from harm.

Relay testing

A relay is the “brain” of the circuit breaker. When it senses a fault, it signals the breaker to cut the electrical circuit. With relay testing, we check for proper insulation and overall operation to keep relays on alert.

Power system study

How much power is being consumed by your system? What is the level of electrical quality? Find answers to these questions with a power study. Performed by an electrical engineer, power studies give you a complete analysis of your system. They help you pinpoint efficiency issues and plan for expansion.

Harmonic survey

A harmomic survey is similar to a power study, but focuses on harmonics specifically. Produced by variable frequency drives (VFDs), LED lightning and other energy-efficient products, harmonics can cause cables to overheat. We find them before they do.

Failure analysis

If a piece of equipment fails, you need to know why. Thats why we offer onsite investigation to help you find the root of the problem. Failure analysis also includes recommendations to prevent future issues.

Capacitor bank testing

Capacitor banks are found in high-voltage systems. Electrical testing ensures proper operation to reduce lag and maintain efficiency.

Acceptance testing

Acceptance testing is performed on new equipment to ensure no damages occurred in shipping. Above all it reassures you that your investment is working just as the manufacturer promised. Acceptance testing is often done in tandem with commissioning and start-up.