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Medium & Low Voltage Switchgear Services

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ALL-TEST is not just a name: it’s what we DO!  Facility switchgear demands complete inspections and testing on a routine basis. Modern technology requires experienced engineers and technicians to examine, test and verify electrical protection & regulation devices. We bring experience from over 1300 contracts with a dedicated and professional team. Your switchgear and apparatus will get the thorough treatment it requires to protect your operation from dangerous and expensive malfunctions.


Harmonic Surveys

Harmonics are simply additional electrical load produced by energy saving devices. That sounds like a contradiction!  Additional load produced by devices that are meant to reduce load?

Well, in a word, YES!

We implement reduction techniques which are cost-effective solutions to limit premature failure & excess wear. Remember, it’s always less expensive to eliminate this problem than repair its damaging effects.


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Infrared Scanning

Infrared scanning is a technology developed in part by Howard Hughes’ aircraft company. Modern day thermographs pinpoint weak areas of electrical distribution systems when the camera is in the hands of a competent user. The operator needs to know what device signatures are normal, even when they appear hot. Also, electrical safety counts especially when scanning energized equipment. Current safety standards try to differentiate between “testing” and “working on” energized equipment. While safety standards have come a long way, both experience and discretion must be used. Keeping in mind that an arc flash can occur at any time, PPE is always be a prime consideration for All-Test technicians.


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Arc flash hazard analysis and labeling identify these hazards and provide a means to determine the level of PPE (personal protective equipment) that must be worn during certain work tasks. In some, there is NO appropriate PPE as the danger level is extreme.

Arc flash hazard analysis produces, among other data, a calorie level indicating the heat expelled and what level of PPE should beused, IF ANY.   It is important to understand that the levels of PPE calculated by Industry standard are based on this NFPA definition:cases, there is NO appropriate PPE as the danger level is extreme.

A value of the energy necessary to pass through any given fabric to cause with 50% probability a second or third degree burn. (PA 70E)


ALL TEST believes the NFPA guidelines are a good “STARTING” point, but that most workers would demand a better than 50-50 chance of second and third degree burns!


Power Problems Solved!

Power surveys are similar to a yearly health check up.  They uncover the hidden dangers which, if unchecked, damage operations, profits, and more importantly, human life.

Power surveys reveal cost saving areas:

  • Harmonic Over-Currents (see Electrical Dangers here)
  • System imbalance leading to load issues
  • Motor efficiencies and improper selection
  • Dangerous grounding issues
  • Poor power factor and kvar levels: see info from USDOE (click here to see)
  • Wasted energy usage