Electrical Dangers

Electrical Dangers 101

Face it: your entire operation relies on power generation systems. Electricity is your most crucial asset… and an expensive one, too!

Without power, all operations stop. Communication, production & environmental systems crash. Meetings and schedules are thrown to the wind. Shipments don’t happen. Momentum is lost. The coffee machine quits. Everything ends but the payroll.

ALL-TEST validates, corrects & optimizes those systems that are critical to safe and reliable power management. This is accomplished through careful examination and testing of critical components in real time with real scenarios. The data collected then permits correction of those issues that threaten operations.


Personnel and Visitors


No one needs to get hurt at the workplace. It’s dangerous enough just driving there!

Most operations have a dedicated individual or team to promoting safety in the workplace. Much effort is spent making certain fire exits are clear and safety apparel is worn; lighting and other facility issues meet local code.  Government regulations require it and sound business practices demand it. But at times, safety concerns can become so toxic that little work gets done!

ALL-TEST validates, corrects & optimizes systems that are critical to the safety of personnel and visitors. With experiences gained at hundreds of facilities across America, ALL-TEST has a vast resource base of solutions that reduce electrical hazards & their unforeseen consequences.

With experiences gained at hundreds of facilities across the America, ALL-TEST develops proactive solutions to reduce dangers to operations and deadlines. ALL-TEST measures, corrects, and optimizes protection systems. Most of these systems are not called upon to regulate and protect until they are needed; that’s NOT the time to find out they’ve failed.


Profits & the Bottom Line

ALL-TEST uses the experiences gained over 30 years in facilities across the USA. We develop proactive solutions to reduce dangers to profits & your bottom line. ALL-TEST validates, corrects & optimizes electrical systems for their clients to keep profits and limit losses!



Chemical Industry $704,101.00

Construction $398,601.00

Electronics $477,366.00

Food/Bev Process $804,192.00

Manufacturing $1,610,654.00

Metal/Nat Res $508,588.00

Pharmaceuticals $1,802,252.00

Utilities $643,250.00

Per FLUKE Publications 1/16/08


OSHA Mandates

The list of “recognized hazards” has grown considerably in recent years. Some see this as excessive government intervention; others as necessary. Nevertheless, these rules are here to stay.

OSHA now requires that employers eliminate or reduce hazards by improving working conditions rather than just relying on masks, gloves, or other types of personal protective equipment (PPE). Enclosing systems to trap harmful fumes, using ventilation systems to clean the air, or switching to safer chemicals are examples to minimize risks.

ALL-TEST assists clients in areas relating to electrical safety by making changes in working conditions through applying arc flash studies which quantify hazard levels. Additionally, ALL-TEST builds & installs proprietary arc flash reduction stations.

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